When Was the Book of Daniel Written?

Af Rolf J. Furuli

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Most discussions of the issue are rather one-sided, just as the tree on the front cover where the branches on one side are cut. Many scholars today assume that a part of Daniel is based on the actions of the Syrian king An­tiochus IV, and that the whole book, or the last six chapters, were written in the second century BCE. But the evidence presented suggests a writing of Daniel long before the 2nd century BCE.

The book discusses the following points:

A comparison of the DSS manuscripts and the Masoretic text.

  • An analysis of the Hebrew text with focus on its date.
  • An analysis of the Aramaic text with focus on its date.
  • An analysis of the historicity of the accounts in Daniel.
  • A historical analysis of all the verses applied to Antiochus IV.
  • A translation of Babylonian tablets supposed to have been used by Daniel.
  • A discussion of how we can benefit from Daniel today.

The author has been a lecturer in Se­mitic languages, and for more than a decade he taught courses in Akkadian, Aramaic, Ethiopic, Hebrew, Phoenician, Syriac, and Ugaritic. He has also studied Greek, Latin, Sumerian, and Applied Linguistics, and he has translated many documents from the mentioned Semitic languages and Sumerian into Norwegian. In 2005 he defended his doctoral disser­tation where he argues for a completely new understanding of the verbal system of Classical Hebrew. He has written two books on Bible translation, two books on ancient chronology, and two books on the Bible.

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