Voices of a Troubled Century

Af Michael Bjørk

Antal sider: 64
Vægt: 130 gr
Sprog: English
Cover type: Soft cover
A collection of poems

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The twentieth century was indeed a troubled century. No single book of facts can adequately capture the total spirit of hope and despair, achievement and failure of that century. Realizing this, the Danish writer Michael Bjørk resorted to poetry.

In this collection of poems in English he gives voice to a number of characters, some imagined, some real, who took center stage during that dramatic century. Seeing the year 1914 as the century's true beginning (a view shared by historians like Eric Hobsbawm), Michael Bjørk takes his reader from Sarajevo and on through wars and persecutions, from Auschwitz to Lockerbie, allows him to listen to Gagarin, Presley, Monroe, Callas and other stars, shows him the internet and leaves him with questions as troubling as the century was.

The collection "Voices of a Troubled Century" is not a translation but an original work in English.