The Route to Siberia (e-Pub)

Af Oleg Golko

Sprog: English

DKK 100.00

Based on the overwhelming amount of factual material gathered from formerly secret state archives, the author gives a realistic account of the condition of religious freedom in the Soviet Union. Being both a spectator and a victim of harsh repression by the Soviet authorities against anyone who refused to renounce his faith, the author, besides archival documents, collects memories of persecution eyewitnesses.

 This book is a documentary story. Over 60 full archive documents or excerpts are here published for the first time. These relate how atheistic views were planted and how Jehovah’s Witnesses were persecuted.

 During Stalin’s rule, not only Jehovah’s Witnesses but millions of people were deprived of their homeland. They were either wealthy farmers, dissidents or religious people. The author is convinced that each person who has personally experienced all the horrors of Communist penal servitude will appreciate that this book is made available.