Faith on the March

Af A. H. Macmillan

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It is now more than half a century ago that
A. H. Macmillan wrote his memoirs entitled "Faith on the March".

His book was epoch-making. It was the first time one of Jehovah's Witnesses had had his personal memoirs published, and since Macmillan belonged to the inner circle at the world headquarters in Brooklyn, his book attracted much attention. It was even reviewed and recommended in the Witnesses' official magazines "The Watchtower" and the "Awake!", and for good reason received a wide circulation among the Witnesses as well as other interested readers privately and also found its place on the shelves of many congregational libraries.

Since then the book has been read and re-read by generations, while the original copies have become fewer and worn by use. So it has been increasingly difficult for new readers to get a copy, and if they have succeeded in finding a copy for sale on the Internet, the price has proved to be exorbitant.

For this reason we have seen a need for a cheaper reprint of Macmillan?s valuable book. The present edition presents Macmillan?s account in a new layout, but without altering his original text.

When reading Macmillan's account today one can easily sense that it was written during a period of much tension in the world. The cold war was at its height, and Macmillan expresses his strong conviction in the fulfilment of Bible prophecy. His account attests to a faith that is undiminished after many years.

After having published his book Macmillan lived for nine more years and finished his earthly life course on the 16th of August, 1966. An abbreviated edition of his memoirs was printed in "The Watchtower" of August 15, 1966.